Rao Lab

Neurobiological Interfaces

scientific curiosity, determination and execution

Our Missions

scientific discoveries

We are studying the fundamental scientific principles at the interfaces of biological and material systems.

Curiosity has the boundless power to drive scientific discoveries. We acquire inspiration from biophysics, material science and engineering, electronics and neurobiology and investigate the phenomena of magnetism, electricity, chemistry and optics between the material and nervous systems. These fundamental principles can further guide us to effective engineering designs for biomedical applications.

biotechnology advancement

We are developing effective engineering methodologies to investigate neurobiological questions.

Biotechnology advancement is an indispensable catalyst for addressing neurobiological questions. Targeting specific technological challenges in neurobiology, we synthesize and fabricate functional materials, from nanoscale materials to devices, and apply them as engineering tools with various modalities to study the neural mechanisms underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders, including depression, addiction and social deficits.


We are working in multiple-discinplinary fields to promote biomedical engineering advancement.

Neural modulation

Remotely controlled neural modulation with non-invasive stimulus


Biophysics and chemical principles in the neurobiological interfaces


Nanoscale materials for neural intervention


Nanoscale and device-size electronics to intervene and record neural activity

Integrated neural probes

Fiber-inspired devices for probing nervous system with optical, electrical and pharmacological approaches

Beyond the brain

Circuit-wide neuronal system


We are an energertic group with material scientitst, electrical engineers, bioengineers and chemists.



Siyuan Rao

Assistant Professor



Qianbin Wang

Research Assistant Professor



Jingyi Qiu

PhD student in BME program



Kayla Felix

Undergraduate student in BME



Christine Yao

Undergraduate student in BME


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