6/2022      NBI Lab received UMass FRG award.

6/2022     Welcome undergraduate students Ifeoluwa Adeniyi, Rachel Collins, joining our group! Welcome REU student, Noah Flores, and high-school students, Trevor Xing-Xie, Ava Zimmermann, Kaitlin Aquilino working with us! high-school students Ifeoluwa Adeniyi, Rachel Collins, joining our group!

5/2022     Congratulations to Eunji Hong and Weixuan Chen on passing their Qualifying exams!

5/2022     Congratulations to Dr. Qianbin Wang on publishing his experimental Glaucoma mouse model, Core Transcription Programs Controlling Injury-Induced Neurodegeneration of Retinal Ganglion Cells, on Neuron!

4/2022     Congratulations to Weixuan Chen on her IONs Inspirations Award! Congratulations to Collin Maley on winning Distinguished Biomedical Engineering Fellowship with the admission to Boston University PhD program!

1/2022     Welcome undergraduate students Sarah Shams, Jingyi (Alex) Xu, Christopher Glynn, Arzell Jelani Steans and Varun Gopal joining our group!


11/2021     Dr. Siyuan Rao, Dr. Qianbin Wang, Sizhe Huang, Collin Maley, Jacob Naroian attended UMass Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Computer Science & Engineering Poster Conference. Collin Maley won Third Place Award. Well done, everyone!

10/2021     Welcome Dr. Jia Xu visiting NBI lab!

10/2021     Dr. Siyuan Rao received the Young Investigator Grant from Brain& Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF). Thanks for the funding support!

08/2021     Welcome BME undergraduate students Jacob Tajchman, Sophia Tsekov, Trisha Raman and Aaryan Chaudhary joining our group!

08/2021     Welcome Eunji Hong and Weixuan Chen joining our group! Eunji and Weixuan are enrolled in BME PhD program starting from 2021 Fall.

07/2021     Congratulations to Sizhe Huang  on passing his Qualify Exam of BME PhD program!

07/2021     Kayla Felix, Collin Maley and Jacob Naroian  are awarded with Honors Research Grants for their undgergraduate research projects! Congratulations!

05/15/2021     Congratulations to Christine Yao  (Class of BME 2021) on her graduation!

03/29/2021     Dr. Siyuan Rao and Jingyi Qiu expressed their Viewpoint about Material Engineering Platform for Next Generation of Neurobiological Interfaces on Accounts of Materials Research.

03/13/2021     NBI team first campus tour retreat. After COVID-19 lockdown over one full year, we cherish the moment of unity during the challenging pandemic time.

02/02/2021     Dr. Siyuan Rao joined UMass Neuroscience and Behavior (NSB) program as a core faculty member. NSB PhD students are welcomed to find research opportunities in our lab.

01/2021     Collin Maley, Jacob Naroian and Sizhe Huang joined our lab. We are excited to have fresh blood to strengthen our team. Welcome!

01/12/2021     Kayla Felix was selected as Junior Fellow into Junior Fellowship Program at UMass. Congratulations to Kayla!


12/01/2020     NBI Lab opened for bussiness.

2020 Fall semester     Jingyi Qiu, Kayla Felix and Christine Yao joined NBI Lab. We are so pround to have these young women scientists as the first generation of lab members in our team. Welcome!     

05/2020     Dr. Siyuan Rao won 2020 BRAIN Initiative Investigators Meeting Trainee Award.

05/05/2020     Neurobiological Interfaces (NBI) Lab in preparation



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