Remotely Controlled Neural Modulation

We are developing remotely controlled neuromodulation tools, which will link precise circuit-level neural modulation to behavioral outcomes. We are using magnetic techniques to enable pharmacological and gene-editing intervention on specific neural circuits along with the behavioral assessment on freely moving experimental subjects. 


   Soft and Multifunctional Neural Probes

Neural probe technologies link the nervous system and external devices at the neural-material interfaces to investigate the complex neural activities, and consequently assist to study the neural mechanisms and potential therapeutic approaches for neurological and psychiatric disorders. We are developing multifunctional neural probes with soft and biocompatible polymer materials and to investigate the neural mechanism in mouse models in the context of behavior assessment.


   Neural Degeneration Mechanisms in Glaucoma Models    

In glaucoma, vision loss is caused by the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) death, which affects the transmission visual information from the retina to the brain. Generally, the degenerative processes of neurons in glaucoma disease are associated with the elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP). We are establishing injectable engineering approaches to induce IOP elevation and studying the mechanotransduction pathway whichh contributes to IOP induced RGCs death.


   Mechanical Stimulus-Induced Neural Regeneration in SCI Models

We are uncovering the biophysical and neurobiological mechanisms underlying stretch-induced axon growth processes and utilize the membrane tension modulation to promote axon regeneration in the mouse spinal cord injury (SCI) models.


   NBI Lab Bench (LSL-S660A) 

   NBI Lab Tissue Culture Room (LSL-S654A, shared) 

   Confocal Microscope 

   Patch Clamp Rig (shared) 


   Material Characterization 

   Molecule Biology Setup 


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